All set for the Baseball Hall of Fame

See you at the Cooperstown Farmer’s Market on Sat. July 26th. Mikey
Lenni here. Ready for a game.
I’m Arrow and I can hit and pitch straight as… well, you know.

Several of the elwen have been asking me to make puppets that look like them. I’ve told them I am trying, but they are just so hard to get right. Bayberry has such a mischievous smile and his eyes sparkle all the time. That’s hard to make into a puppet.
Leaf is such a sweet little thing, with her long colorful hair and rosy cheeks. She wears her flower headdress most of the time but lately she has been wearing one big flower on her head like a hat.
So, I am making as many puppets for the Hall of Fame induction weekend as I can make, and hopefully I will see you there. I’ll be at the Farmer’s Market. Mappy, the puppet lady


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