Website Wednesday

I’m busy taking pictures of all the puppets to date and hoping to make the site more user-friendly. Lots to be done and I’m learning as I go. The elwen are waiting patiently (well, most of them are) for me to get it together and show the world what they look like. Until I figure this all out, please keep stopping by to see the new things I have learned and the new pictures that I post. If you need to email me, please use Here are a few new pictures. From the top, Izzy in her snowflake cape; ¬†Glinella – a beautiful elwen with long, flowing hair; Varian – one of the wizards; Mycell¬†– a grey wizard; and finally, sweet Rainy

241 Izzy 1
248 Glinella 2
227 Varian 1
243 Mycell 1
Mycell the Magnificent
187 Rainy 2

Time for new beginnings

Out for a walk
Out for a walk

At the Farmer’s Market in Cooperstown NY the elwen have been complaining that I don’t spend enough time on my web page and so, starting this week, I will be updating everything. There are many new rod puppets to see and many of the puppets that appear on this site are no longer available. Things are going to change! Keep watching to see what’s new.

Above: from left to right: Cedar (hiding), Rosey, Will and Falcon.