The Puppet Play is ready for print

Soon I will have a printed copy of the puppet play ‘The Four Elements’ to show you. The folktale takes place in an elven village. The elves are in need of food and King Winter can’t help. The wise woman sends the villagers out to find Queen Summer, Princess Spring and Prince Autumn to get the elements of those seasons to help the villagers open the way to the food source they need. These four puppets are, from left to right, Princess Spring, King Winter, Queen Summer and Prince Autumn.


Coming Soon!! A puppet kit with play and 12 puppets

Here are the new puppets that will be included in a kit. The kit contains a full puppet play with instructions, a DVD on how to manipulate the puppets and a short skit, 12 puppets and all the props needed to perform the play,  everything you need except the stage. There are instructions on a few different stage ideas from very simple to more complex.  This kit will be perfect for schools and clubs, theater groups, etc.

Puppet Kit
Puppet Kit

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