Okay! Okay! I know it’s autumn…

It has been a very busy summer and I have neglected my website. I’m sorry to all of you who hoped to see all the new puppets. So here are a few new ones who are obviously enjoying the change of seasons.  They always love the bright colors of fall. Elwen tend to like to dress up for any occasion. The change of season, the change of weather, or the change of a meal! They also love to disguise themselves as part of the scenery, so autumn offers some of the most beautiful colors they use in their camouflage.

Of course, the wizards tend to like wearing their traditional outfits. That way everyone knows they are wizards. Otherwise, when they are bumbling around the village, the elwen may mistake them for librarians or shoemakers!

Even Hootie the owl has been showing off his new hairstyle.  Silly old bird.