While we socially distance…

I know how hard it can be to have children home all day, bored, underfoot, and needing constant attention. But we need to keep ourselves safe and safety is always first. That includes socially distancing ourselves from others. So, I’m trying to update my online store with all the items I have at the Cooperstown Farmer’s Market while I can’t be there in person. Keep checking it out so you can order new toys and puppets for your children as you need to give them new toys to change things up. My toys are always intended to help with imaginative play which children truly enjoy on their own, or as a parent or babysitter watch. Imaginative play is important to children as they work out things that are affecting them. Don’t be alarmed if you children start playing games that have sickness as a part of the game. They are hearing things about COVID-19 and so this issue is on their minds. Give them the tools to play out the games (issues) they need to express.

Here are some new items in my store or coming online in the next few days. I will be adding many more items and will give you a view here over the next days and weeks.

Deer and Moose mouth puppets. The antlers are wired!
Flower Fairies come in many colors.
Super Bendy Boys!!! All colors of your favorite super heroes are available

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