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ses were confirmed. As a result, companies operating in the retailing industry will get the knowledge to identify the factors and barriers affecting to the e-commerce adoption. However, this information … a result, all these factors inhibit growth of e-commerce. Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is widening the concept of business from a simple transactional approach to a broader and more complex concept of inter-firm cooperation. The plan also includes the development of e-commerce education and training [3]. Various Factors Affecting E-commerce ISSN : 2351-8014 Vol. Due to time constraint, only a limited number of It is common for managers to assess each of these factors closely. Amidst market globalization, growing interpenetration of national economies and Much confusion, however, surrounds the definition of e-commerce; as reckoned by Ihlstrum et al (2003), the confusion stems from whether to define e-commerce as Internet based activities only or as any kind of business exchange on any type of network. 2, Jun. Factors Affecting Growth of E-Commerce Aim of this paper is to investigate and shortlist factors which are important for spread of e-commerce in any country. The aim is always to take better decisions for the firm’s progress. 1.1 OVERVIEW OF THE STUDY. 15 No. Factors Affecting Consumers’ purchasing Decision through E-Commerce Teklehaimanot Tadele Kidane Department of Industrial and Management Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 208016 UP, India tekle@iitk.ac.in R.R.K.Sharma Department of Industrial and Management Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 208016 UP, India the extent of adoptability of e-commerce and barriers for the adoption of e-commerce encountered within the industry. IT infrastructure, payment systems, security needs, legislations and regulations, delivery systems etc). 1.2 STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Implementing successful e-commerce service … various factors involved with e-commerce transactions (e.g. A Study On The Factors Affecting E-Commerce Adoption In Nigerian Banks. The rank of the factors affecting adoption of ecommerce (in descend-ing order of impacts) is: Perceived complexity, Perceived benefits, Organizational compe-tence, Perceived compatibility, Supporting industries e-readiness, Management support, Market e-readiness, IT capability, and Government e-readiness. electronic commerce (E-Commerce) have drastically been reshaping the world of business. E-commerce – Features, Drivers, Factors, Issues, Applications E-commerce is the use of electronic communication and digital information processing technology in business transactions to create, transform and redefine relationships for value creation between or among organisations and individuals. The study sought to provide answers on the effect of internet coverage on e-commerce businesses in Nairobi, Kenya. Factors affecting E-Commerce /Key Drivers of E-commerce/ Forces fuelling E-commerce There are many external environmental factors that can affect e- business. For this purpose, certain technological, social and economic factors are considered. The purpose of the study was to investigate the factors that influence the growth of e-commerce in Nairobi, Kenya. the daily needs of people. Chapter one on A Study On The Factors Affecting E-Commerce Adoption In Nigerian Banks. 1.1.1 E-Commerce There is no consensus on the exact definition of e-commerce with a number of different definitions being used in different contexts. Furthermore, e-commerce … It also looked at the various modes of payments and how this affected the growth of the various e-commerce businesses. 2015 308 1.1 E-COMMERCE AND ITS IMPORTANCE E-commerce is accomplished using a range of variety of services For example: Electronic mail, shopping cart, online catalog, Electronic data Interchange and web services. Some common factors are political, economic, social and technological (known […] 5.1.3 Managerial Characteristics and Perception of E-commerce 140 5.1.4 Factors Affecting E-commerce Adoption 140 5.1.5 How Factors Interact to Determine the Extent of E-commerce Adoption 142 5.1.6 The Role of the Local Business Environment 145 5.1.7 Summary of Research Findings at C1Alpha 145 5.2 C2Beta 147 A particularly insightful view was expressed that “Spread of E-commerce shall be directly related to growth of internet in the country.”(Mehta, 2001).

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