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3 and 4), which resemble in all essential points the claws borne by the feet, and, like these, are thickenings of the cuticle, are sickle-shaped. With few exceptions, the terminal extremities of the digits of both limbs of mammals are more or less protected or armed by epidermic plates or sheaths, constituting the various forms of nails, claws or hoofs. If an attempt be made by any enemy to lift the lid, the spider seizes its inner side with his fangs and striking his claws into the walls of the burrow offers the greatest possible resistance to the efforts of the intruder. C, One of the first post-oral From what has been said, it is pair of appendages or manapparent that we cannot, in attemptdibles; cl', el', the greatly ing to discover the affinities and enlarged claws. It comes with multiple figures from the movie, including two aliens and a functioning claw. times (eyes, feeler, feet and e, Lacinia or " pick " of first claws more highly magnimaxilla. A restrictive clause is a clause that identifies the word it modifies. The vertical posts of the unit are wrapped with the sisal rope to give cats a material that offers resistance when they dig their claws into it. transitive verb. of a lion, he lives in seclusion in the tunnels below the city's subway system. One of the claws was ripped almost completely out. The following sentence is punctuated correctly. 77. It takes exactly 14 blocked hits for Vega to lose his claw in battle, effectively cutting his attack range in half. (Here Eureka bared her sharp claws and scratched at the bars of the cage.). All cats love a special place to relax in, take naps and scratch their claws. Again, directly opposed to Cuvier's principle, we have discovered carnivores with hoofs, such as Mesonyx, and herbivores with sloth-like claws, such as Chalicotherium. 1. It is not the sap within the furrowed bark, n Fore-feet with five toes, all having strong pointed, compressed claws, the second, third and fourth nearly equal, the fifth somewhat and the first considerably shorter. Oasis demonstrated that same desire to abandon the industrial claws of Manchester and explore their potential, whilst clinging intensely to their northern identities. Its head also turns in search of the Claw. How to say claws in English? (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a sharp usually slender and curved nail on the toe of an animal. Its limbs are long, its hair rough, and its claws blunt and only partially retractile. Hind feet long and narrow; the first toe rudimentary or absent; the second and third very slender and united in a common integument; the fourth very large, with a stout elongated conical claw; the fifth smaller than the fourth (see fig. grimman grāpum, _with grim claw s_, 1543.. Grendles grâpe, _all of Grendel's claw, the whole claw _, 837; Clare Bronfman, center, arriving at Federal District Court in Brooklyn on Wednesday. Sentence with the word Claws. I 'm very good and keep my claws retracted and purr loudly when a fuss is made of me. Large claw clips can be pinned at the nape of your neck for a romantic look, or they can take your hair up in a quick French twist. Remaining pairs of appendages similar in form and function, each tipped with two or three claws. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "claw "" It had eight legs, each of them provided with a very sharp tallon, or claw at the end, which this little Animal, in its going, fastned into the pores of the body over which it went. It's difficult to see claws in a sentence . Claw definition, a sharp, usually curved, nail on the foot of an animal, as on a cat, dog, or bird. Sometimes the pair of appendages has not a merely tactile jointed ramus, but is converted into a claw or clasper. All the world over it is held that such people can assume the form of animals; sometimes the power of the shaman is held to depend on his being able to summon his familiar; among the Ostiaks the shaman's coat was covered with representations of birds and beasts; two bear's claws were on his hands; his wand was covered with mouse-skin; when he wished to divine he beat his drum till a black bird appeared and perched on his hut; then the shaman swooned, the bird vanished, and the divination could begin. All three stones are secured by a white gold claw setting on a yellow gold shank. 43. He had a gun on his shoulder, and carried by the claws the body of a rook with white wings. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. He ordered the army to invade at dawn. Observations upon captive specimens have led to the conclusion that it feeds principally on juices, especially of the sugar-cane, which it obtains by tearing open the hard woody circumference of the stalk with its strong incisor teeth; but it is said also to devour certain species of wood-boring caterpillars, which it obtains by first cutting down with its teeth upon their burrows, and then picking them out of their retreat with the claw of its attenuated middle finger. Fore-feet with the two inner toes slightly separated from and opposable to the remaining three, all with strong curved and much compressed claws. 2 : any of various sharp curved processes especially at the end of a limb (as of an insect) also : a limb … The old doctrine of types, which was used by the philosophically minded zoologists (and botanists) of the first half 1 A very subtle and important qualification of this generalization has to be recognized (and was recognized by Darwin) in the fact that owing to the interdependence of the parts of the bodies of living things and their profound chemical interactions and peculiar structural balance (what is called organic polarity) the variation of one single part (a spot of colour, a tooth, a claw, a leaflet) may, and demonstrably does in many cases entail variation of other parts - what are called correlated variations. A clause, on the other hand, is incomplete in the sense. Willemoes Suhm, which makes up for its vanished eyes by its extraordinarily elongate and dentated claws; in Psalidopus huxleyi, Wood-Mason and Alcock (1892), bristling with spikes from head to tail; in the Nematocarcinidae, with their long thread-like limbs and longer antennae; in species of Aristaeopsis reported by Chun from deep water off the east coast of Africa, bright red prawns nearly a foot long, with antennae about five times the length of the body. true. Begin your evening with a sampler platter appetizer, which includes "phyllo beggar's purses stuffed with duck confit," trout ravioli, spiced shrimp and garlic crab claws. CK 1 282031 The cat retracted its claws . Behavior The oddly balanced anatomy and massive claws of the giant ground sloths gave them a strange walk. The definition of a claw is a sharp, pointed nail or anything resembling a claw. You've got sharp claws, my dear, you drop your scales on my clean floor. His heart raced as he rose and began to claw his way up and to his left. Declaw definition is - to remove the claws of (an animal, such as a cat) surgically. This is the main difference between sentence and clause. This necklace comes in your choice of gold tone, silver tone or rose tone and has a lobster claw clasp. It often feeds on fresh-water turtles; sometimes following the reptiles into the water to effect a capture, it inserts a paw between the shells and drags out the body of the turtle by means of its sharp claws. in the Idioms Dictionary. You can use ordinary nail clippers to clip the claw, avoiding the blood vessel. The Wizard opened his satchel and got out some sticking-plaster with which he mended the cuts Jim had received from the claws of the bears. True clips feature actual claws that hook to your frames. Your cat needs something to scratch his claws on to help keep them in prime condition, and he especially likes to claw while exercising and marking his territory. The members of both Coelogenys and Dasyprocta are terrestrial in their habits, and have the foreand hind-limbs subequal, hoof-like claws,. Definition of claw your way back, into something, out of something, etc. Your cat needs something to scratch his claws on to help keep them in prime condition, and he especially likes to claw while exercising and marking his territory. • There are several kinds of sentences such as declarative or assertive sentence, interrogative sentence, exclamatory sentence and imperative sentences. The following sentence is punctuated correctly. In the Eumenidae or solitary wasps the female sex is undifferentiated, and the foot claws are toothed. In the sun it was very hot. This page has lots of examples of restrictive and non-restrictive clauses and an interactive test. Learn more. He slinks out from the shadow of the shed, Peers down, tail twitching, readying every claw. See more. Her hand opened reflexively, and Arnie released her to claw at her wrist. In the Puerco, or Lowest Eocene of North America the place of the above species was taken by Euprotogonia puercensis, an animal only half the size of Phenacodus primaevus, with the terminal joints of the limbs intermediate between hoofs and claws, and the first and fifth toes taking their full share in the support of the weight of the body. The subunguis is the softer, flaky underside layer whose grain is parallel to the direction of growth. 1. The aliens are plastic squeeze toys that make their first appearance in the original Toy Story as the prizes in a claw game at Pizza Planet. It has a broad rounded head, short face, large naked eyes, large hands, and long thin fingers with pointed claws, of which the third is remarkable for its extreme slenderness. The head - carrying feelers, mandibles and two pairs of maxillae - is succeeded by the three thoracic segments, each bearing a pair of strong five-segmented legs, whose feet, like those of the adult, carry two claws. Verb: Please don't tease the cat, he will claw you if he's annoyed. Although they appear simple, clauses can function in complex ways in English grammar. With its balanced acidity, crisp and bright from invigorating fruit, Rochioli Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc can be enjoyed as an aperitif or throw in a Dungeness crab claw to munch on and savor. Claw foot roll top free standing bath with shower mixer taps, wash basin, toilet. It can be frustrating to have a cat that decides to claw on your antique couch, so you should provide her with a scratching post and encourage her to use it.Some scratching posts are scented with catnip to encourage the cat to use them. From all other large Carnivora except the African hunting-dog, hyenas are distinguished by having only four toes on each foot, and are further characterized by the length of the fore-legs as compared with the hind pair, the non-retractile claws, and the enormous strength of the jaws and teeth, which enables them to break the hardest bones and to retain what they have seized with unrelaxing grip. There are three distinct and large thoracic segments, whereof the prothorax is narrower than the others; the legs are much shorter and stouter than in the winged insect, with monomerous tarsi terminated by a single claw. All Rights Reserved. All Rights Reserved. true. cleaved the air with her claws and broke trees with her loud voice. 6. The genus which is common to the northern parts of both hemispheres is distinguished by the large cheek-pouches and by the absence or rudimentary condition of the claw of the first hind-toe, resembles Tamias in the slender form of the body, but displays great variation in the length of the tail, which may be a mere stump, or comparatively long. ‘Since the claw flexor muscle in insects has no antagonist, claws and arolium are moved back by elastic recoil of stretched exocuticle.’ More example sentences ‘In other words, they can grab a piece of food with the little claws on their feet, taste it, then bring it up to their mouth and taste it again.’ Its food consists mainly of termites, to obtain which it opens their nests with its powerful sharp anterior claws, and as the insects swarm to the damaged part of their dwelling, it draws them into its mouth by means of its long, flexible, rapidly moving tongue covered with glutinous saliva. 3. This encourages your pet to claw her own furniture rather than yours. Fore feet with five sub-equal toes, with compressed, slightly curved pointed claws. (b) Claws and fangs are developed on the branches or rami of the parapodia, not on the end of the axis or corm. Most people chose this as the best definition of claws: Plural form of claw.... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. This may be filiform or brush-like or lamellate when it is an antenna or palp; a simple spike (walking leg of Crustacea, of other aquatic forms, and of Chilopods and Diplopods); the terminal joint flattened (swimming leg of Crustacea and Gigantostraca); the terminal joint provided with two or with three recurved claws (walking leg of many terrestrial forms - e.g. The claws list of example sentences with claws. If his claws are needle-sharp (and kittens' claws often are), you can snip just the pointy tip off. Only snip the white or clear part of the claw and don't snip back into the "quick" because this will hurt, and the nail may even bleed. If any of the cats are outside waiting to come in, you don't want the dog to lunge at them and chance getting swatted with a paw full of claws or bitten on the nose. (3) Corm alone developed; with no endites or exites, but provided with terminal chitinous claws (ordinary leg of Peripatus), with terminal jaw teeth (jaw of Peripatus), or with blunt extremity (oral papilla of same) (see fig. It has a main clause and sometimes many clauses with at least one main clause. In this work birds generally were grouped in two great divisions - " land-fowl " and "water-fowl" - the former being subdivided into those which have a crooked beak and talons, and those which have a straighter bill and claws, while the latter was separated into those which frequent waters and watery places, and those that swim in the water - each subdivision being further broken up into many :sections, to the whole of which a key was given. Their hinder limbs are shorter than in the true kangaroos, and their fore limbs are longer and more robust, and have very strong curved and pointed claws. close-ups of eyes or claws, or ultra-fast blurry movement. The 40 year old actor can sing, he can dance and he can play the role of a mutant wolverine with retractable claws, canine teeth and body hair and still look fantastic doing it. Examples and Observations . Nature is a storehouse of joy and pleasure. expression mean? on grames grāpum, 766; (as instr.) Her hand opened reflexively, and Arnie released her to claw at her wrist. The following sentence is punctuated correctly. Clawed definition, having claws (sometimes used in combination): sharp-clawed. The series was ordered for a first season containing 10 episodes on December 13, 2016, and was originally developed as a half-hour, single-camera comedy for HBO. claw hammer is probably the best for general DIY. They do not represent the opinions of Bears are five-toed, and provided with formidable claws, which are not retractile, and thus better fitted for digging and climbing than for tearing. All these "rodentmoles" are thoroughly adapted to a subterranean life, the eyes and ears being small and rudimentary, as is also the tail; while the bodily form is cylindrical, and the front claws are very large and powerful. c, The claw or unguis; I, the blade or lamina. 3. slinks out from the shadow of the shed, Peers down, tail twitching, readying every claw. Claws In A Sen in a sentence | Short example sentence for claws in a sen[Class 1-5] Might Think in a sentence | Short example sentence for might think[Class 1-5] Hues in a sentence | Short example sentence for hues[Class 1-5] Twist the claws from its body, then use a nutcracker to open each claw. You will need to extend the claws when you trim nails, so train your kitten to accept this procedure when he's young. Maine lobster tails are also tasty when grilled, though they don't contain as much meat as the crustacean's large front claws. The body is elongated and furnished with four pairs of short, unjointed, stump-like legs, each terminated by a pair of claws. Their claws are adapted for clinging to hair or clothing. Such as the crab for Cancer; try making a tattoo out of just one claw, showing it in elaborate detail to catch the eye. This necklace comes in either silver tone or gold tone and comes with a bead chain with a lobster claw clasp. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "claws "" We clipped our cats claws because they were getting a little sharp. Even human dead are not safe from their attacks, their powerful claws enabling them to gain access to newly interred bodies in cemeteries. as the terminal phalange, but with distinct claws; the fifth intermediate in length between these and the largely developed fourth toe. The cat dug its claws into my hand. 2. The first front toe was rudimentary, having no phalanges, but the fifth was rather less aborted, although clawless; the other three carried enormous claws, protected by reflected sheaths. ANCYLOPODA, or Ancylodactyla, an apparently primitive extinct subordinal group of Ungulata showing certain resemblances to the Perissodactyla, both as regards the cheek-teeth and the skeleton, but broadly distinguished by the feet being of an edentate type, carrying long curved and cleft terminal claws. He makes a crater every time he lands from a huge jump, flings cars and tanks at helicopters, leaps over buildings, and leaves giant claw marks everywhere he climbs. 49. See more. santa claws in a sentence - Use "santa claws" in a sentence 1. TRUE FALSE. v. 1. move as if by clawing, seizing, or digging 2. clutch as if in panic 3. scratch, scrape, pull, or dig with claws or nails 4. attack as if with claws. Death is not some cute Goth chick (oh, have you glued your claws together again? 47. Noun: The claw of the parrot became entangled in the wire of the cage. Hind-feet rather long and slender, with a well-developed opposable and nailless first toe;: second and third digits united, with sharp, compressed curved claws; the fourth and fifth free, with small flat nails. phrase. Examples of claw in a sentence, how to use it. com. 4. A large and physically powerful but gentle-natured man with the face (and the claws!) The first legendary Anika bikini had a big lobster silk-screened right on the front of the bottoms with big claws coming out on both sides. According to Professor Ridgeway, however, the Turkish crescent, like that seen on modern horse-trappings, has nothing to do with the new moon, but is the result of the baseto-base conjunction of two claw or tusk amulets, an example of which has been brought to light during the excavations of the site of the temple of Artemis Orthia at Sparta (see Athenaeum, March 21, 1908). Yes, your new kitty definitely needs to learn to keep those claws to herself. This means (C) is incorrect. One of one or more small curved structures at the tip of an appendage of an invertebrate, especially an insect or other arthropod. The celebrated Gascoigne's powder, which was sold as late as the middle of the 19th century in the form of balls like sal prunella, consisted of equal parts of crabs' eyes," the black tips of crabs' claws, Oriental pearls, Oriental bezoar and white coral, and was administered in jelly made of hart's horn, but was prescribed by physicians chiefly for wealthy people, as it cost about forty shillings per ounce. T. S. Eliot’s self-described “drama of literary anguish” portrays the social and sexual frustration of a man obsessed with his own inadequacy. The utility model discloses a core claw in a coring tool. A deep, claw foot tub or a whirlpool tub make great additions to any bathroom. The Eagles Claw will make you wonder if you've fallen prey to a giant bird as it tosses you through the air with your legs dangling. - Comparison of the sixth prosomatic limb of a recent scorpion (B), of Palaeophonus (C), and of Limulus (A), showing their agreement in the number of segments; in the existence of a movable spine, Sp, at the distal border of the fifth segment; in the correspondence of the two claws at the free end of the limb of Scorpio with two spines similarly placed in Limulus; and, lastly, in the correspondence of the three talon-like spines carried on the distal margin of segment six of recent scorpions with the four larger but similarly situated spines on the leg of Limulus; s, groove dividing the ankylosed segments 4 and 5 of the Limulus leg into two. Examples of due process clause in a sentence, how to use it. E.g. claw (something) back or claw back (something) chiefly British : to get back (something, such as money or business) by acting in a forceful way or by doing something that requires a lot of effort With budget cuts looming, the government is trying to claw back some of the money it promised to state agencies. Beavers have webbed hind-feet, and the claw of the second hind-toe double. claw back the deficit and reduce the level of staff absenteeism. Set in Palmetto, Florida, the series is mostly filmed in New Orleans. (e) The rest of the somites carry equi-formal simple appendages, consisting of a corm or axis tipped with two chitinous claws and devoid of rami. Some, with the feet only slightly webbed, and the claws exceedingly small or altogether wanting on some of the toes, and also with some difference in dental characters, have been separated as a distinct genus, Aonyx. How to use declaw in a sentence. In the Argasidae the anterior portion of the dorsal surface of the body is extended forwards above the capitulum, so that this structure is concealed from above; the integument is fairly uniformly granular or coriaceous above and below; the palpi are simple and unmodified; there is no sucker beneath the claws in the adult, and there is only a slight structural difference between the sexes. Squirrels of this and the' other arboreal groups have the bodily form slender and agile, the tail long and bushy, the ears well developed, pointed and often tufted; the feet adapted for 1 ' climbing, the anterior pair with four toes and a rudimentary thumb, and the posterior pair with five toes, all the toes having long, curved and short-pointed claws (see Squirrel). Katie had hoped to make her sister a confidante but knew it was impossible so long as Kris.s claws were wrapped securely around Hannah. At the Disco each redo "This is Halloween" and She Wants Revenge takes on "Kidnap the Sandy Claws". The strong claws make a hole in the side of the ant-hill, and the insects are collected on the extensile tongue. Ganglbauer (1892) divides the whole order into two sub-orders only, the Caraboidea (the Adephaga of Sharp and the older writers) and the Cantharidoidea (including all other beetles), since the larvae of Caraboidea have five-segmented, two-clawed legs, while those of all other beetles have legs with four segments and a single claw. He had several wolf-like qualities: a gray coat, sharp claws, and yellow fangs. A cat's paws, leading down to the claws, consist of three bones and joints. In English grammar, a main clause (also known as in independent clause, superordinate clause, or base clause) is a group of words made up of a subject and a predicate that together express a … He knew better now than to tug at it with his claws or rub it against the ground. A petal often consists of two portions - the lower narrow, resembling the petiole of a leaf, and called the unguis or claw; the upper broader, like the blade of a leaf, and called the lamina or limb. The signature of this style is the cabriole leg, which ends in one of six different feet--the lion's paw, the ball and claw, the late Chippendale, the Marlborough, and the club and the spade. S9), in which there are five spreading petals, having no claws, and arranged as in the rose, strawberry and Potentilla; the caryophyllaceous corolla, in which there are five petals with long, narrow, tapering claws, as in many of the pink tribe; the cruciform, having four petals, often unguiculate, placed opposite in the form of a cross, as seen in wallflower, and in other plants called cruciferous. The body is elongated and vermiform; it bears a number of paired appendages, each terminating in a pair of claws, and all very much alike. The Word "Claw" in Example Sentences - Page 1. looking forward to Tooth & Claw, that looks creepy! Cat claws can easily penetrate a pillowcase, so you won't have much time to transfer kitty to the travel cage. The huge beak, looking like the great claw of a lobster, more than 8 in. The twinkling stars of the sky are the things of joy for children. Its rear legs have very long setae near its claws. Audiences cheered as Godzilla and Ebirah struggled in the water and Godzilla ripped Ebirah's claws off. suctorial) organ, and no claws at the tip; their basal segments united in the middle line and furnished with sterno-coxal process. The rock lobster, also known as spiny lobsters or langoustes, do not have claws. Known as Balrog in Japan, Vega can really exercise the extended reach afforded by his claw. 5) the fore-feet have the three middle toes well developed, the third slightly larger than the second, the fourth somewhat shorter, provided with long, strong, slightly curved, pointed claws. (Original drawing by Pocock.) Extra claw, found occasionally on all breeds. unsheathed claws the size of boulders, crashing through the undergrowth to find the robot. 1. phrasal verb If someone claws back some of the money or power they had lost, they get some of it back again. In the Ixodidae the capitulum is not overlapped by a forward extension of the dorsal area, which is smooth and firmly chitinized either in front or all over; the palpi are usually modified, that is to say, their second and third segments are usually excavated internally to form a sheath for the hypostome; there is a distinct sucker beneath the claws and the difference between the sexes is well marked, the males having the dorsal integument thickly and continuously chitinized, whereas in the females only its anterior portion bears a chitinous plate, the rest of the integument being soft to admit of its distension by the blood which is imbibed in quantity by members of this sex. TRUE FALSE. The claws are a different shape and reddish on the underside and the rostrum is rather longer than on the European Lobster. Fore feet with two or three of the middle toes of nearly equal size, and provided with strong, sharp, slightly curved claws, the other toes rudimentary. The typical genus Macropus, in which the muzzle is generally naked, the ears large, the fur on the nape of the neck usually directed backwards, the claw of the fourth hind-toe very large, and the tail stout and tapering, includes a large number of species. The menu is simple and to the point and serves up easily recognizable items like gumbo, oyster stew, crab claws and fried calamari. In art, Oceanus was represented as an old man of noble presence and benevolent expression, with the horns of an ox and sometimes crab's claws on his head. He begins to dance with joy at the smallest success. The prairie-dogs, or prairie-marmots, Cynomys, are a North American group, in which the five-toed forefeet have the claw of the first as large as that of the fifth toe. The "Turco," Hylactes megapodius, is larger, with greatly developed feet and claws, but is very similar in colour and habits. The causes for overgrown claws are often quite simple. For example: Wait here. The food is varied but chiefly vegetable, whilst parrots are alone amongst birds in holding the food in the claws. Tetrapods. The more typical species are characterized by the coarse spiny hair, the small size, or even absence of the ears, and the long, nearly straight, claws. Cats scratch as a way to exercise their back and shoulder muscles and shed the old sheathes from their claws. Items like kitty rhinestone collars and kitty claw polish are generally regarded as frills, but when it comes to cat carriers, your cat will notice the difference between your standard cramped carrier and a full-on luxury tote. The weasel is an elegant little animal, with elongated slender body, back much arched, head small and flattened, ears short and rounded, neck long and flexible, limbs short, five toes on each foot, all with sharp, com - pressed, curved claws, tail rather short, slender, cylindrical, and pointed at the tip, and fur short and close. In North America Mylodon was accompanied by another gigantic species typifying the genus Megalonyx, in which the fore part of the skull was usually wide, and the third and fourth front toes carried claws. The reality now is that nature is " red in tooth and claw ". Plastic balls are always good, but make sure they're strong enough to resist sharp claws. In other words, it contains subject, object and verb as the case may be. The fifth (distal) tarsal segment carries a median adhesive pad - the pulvillus - on either side of which is a claw. He had several wolf-like qualities: a gray coat, sharp claws, and yellow fangs. It bears two sickle-shaped claws, and at its distal end three (rarely four) papillae. With victory in claws, Cards defense 'just couldn't finish' - USATODAY. Though generally an inoffensive animal, when attacked it can defend itself vigorously and effectively with its sabre-like anterior claws. grimman grâpum, _with grim claw s_, 1543.. A chela or similar pincerlike structure on the end of a limb of a crustacean or arachnid. Another word for claws. It's a towel wrap with a hood and sleeves that, once on, turns your little boy into a green and scary dinosaur, complete with orange claws and spikes down the back. Introduction: Part-of-speech (POS) tagging, also called grammatical tagging, is the commonest form of corpus annotation, and was the first form of annotation to be developed by UCREL at Lancaster.

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