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United States. In summer and fall, they enjoy narrow panicles with long awns which add to the beauty and translucency of their inflorescences. How do I track my delivery? Helichtotrichon sempervirens. 0. Find us online: Don't miss out - Sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest news and offers … More images of Spear grass. Stipa gigantea Giant feather grass, golden oats grass ... Northern Ireland, Irish Republic, Isle of man, Isle of Wight and the Channel Isles. Buy, Sell and Swap. Min. Stipa gigantea 3 by Xemenendura (CC BY-SA 4.0) Photo by … Beautiful topiary, the kind you see as features of great gardens and landscapes especially in the Italian gardens can look amazing sculptures in all sizes, we feature a number of shapes, sizes in Box, Yew, Olive, Hornbeam and Beech to name just a few of the topiary trees. 23 Jan, 2014; Answers. Menu. Identify Plants. Ireland. Miscanthus sinensis. A huge fountain of golden oat-like flowers make this a dramatic specimen plant in any garden. Nightpark Plant Nursery Kildare based, young plant producer for the wholesale trade in Ireland and the UK Nightpark Nursery is a specialist propagator of plug plants and 9cm liners, we produce grasses, perennials, wildflowers, bulbous plants and some woody species, primarily from seed.. We have made seed germination our … Stipa Gigantea. ... (England, Wales, Mainland Scotland, Scottish Islands, Scottish Highlands, Isle of Wight, Northern Ireland, Isles of Scilly) General Order Form . Stipa gigantea, commonly known as Golden Oats or Giant Feather Grass, is native to Western Europe and has been naturalised in some parts of the UK. Among the most beautiful and graceful ornamental grasses, Stipa (Feather Grass) are evergreen or deciduous, mostly perennial grasses, forming tufted clumps of arching, linear leaves. Hi would it be alright to move my Stipa Gigantea now. Enter your tracking number and postcode there … South Africa. Stipa gigantea is the graceful giant in the grass world, achieving heights of over 2.5 metres. Many thanks. Articles and News. Ophiopogon planiscapus. Scarlet-flowered persicaria blooming beneath a haze of golden Stipa gigantea Photograph: Richard Johnston ... 3 Ireland’s most expensive street identified in … ... Stipa gigantea Stipa … Panicum Virgatum "Squaw" Pennisetum Fireworks *Please note the above is just a brief selection of our favourite ornamental grasses. Spear grass Stipa spp. Derekm . It is too near the front of my border it needs to move in towards the back about 5 feet in. Calamagrostis Overdam. Expected size. Stipa gigantea 'Goldilocks' Stipa gigantea 'Goldilocks' Golden Oats, Giant Feather Grass. Height Spread; Max. Minimum temperature. Cortaderia selloana. 0. Panicum Virgatums. Plant Knowledge. Dublin, Ireland . Ireland has a wealth of collective horticultural knowledge, but this knowledge is often lost or even ignored with successive generations repeating the planting mistakes of the past. This tendency for reinvention is compounded by limited access to plant specification information based on Irish experience and research. Once you receive your dispatch email click on the tracking number link and you will be redirected to our couriers APC. 0. Stipa gigantea can be found growing wild throughout southern Spain, Portugal and northern Morocco, where it thrives in the sharply drained, stony soil of the scrub-covered … Gardens and Tickets. Hi, I would leave it until mid spring or early summer, you can divide it as well if you wish, Derek. Rustling in the …

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