Two More Saturdays before Christmas. Yikes!

Here are a few more new faces.  The elwen have been so busy making toys and cookies.  The workshop is filled to the brim.  Gingerbread houses, little gnome cookies, bumblebee lollipops and honey-butternut crunch are the elwen’s favorite holiday treats. (No, the lollipops aren’t made with bumblebees! They are made with honey and shaped like bumblebees.)

HPIM4778 HPIM4772 295Blossom1 HPIM4781

Remember, the elwen are the little folk that live in the forests and meadows around our villages and farms. They are very small. Some of them are only 6 acorns tall.   Of course the rod puppets are bigger. It would be hard to see them if they were as small as the forest elwen.


Gnomes and Gnome homes

gnome home1 gnome home 3


I just wanted to have some pictures  of the gnomes and gnome homes I am busy making for the Christmas season. They are selling well at the Farmer’s Market in Cooperstown each Saturday and there will be a huge supply at the New York Mills Holiday Craft Fair on Dec. 5th and 6th. The puppets will be at both sights as usual. They are getting very excited for the holiday season!

Fall and Fur


Many of the elwen are asking for fur coats this season. I just thought you might be interested in the latest fur figure named Neva. She won’t last long as these fur-covered beauties tend to sell out at the Farmer’s Market in Cooperstown as soon as they arrive. Neva sends her kisses. She is all ready to go skiing.  I can’t believe some of the elwen are looking forward to snow! Not me. I like the fall and spring best.

Group Photo

Group photo

The elwen puppets are busy getting ready for the Christmas craft season. These are the newest to join the local community of elves and sprites in my house. With all the new puppets plus the pumpkins and squash, extra veggies and canning jars, I’m running out of space! Still, it’s always a joy to have so many cute faces watching me as I work.

Website Wednesday

I’m busy taking pictures of all the puppets to date and hoping to make the site more user-friendly. Lots to be done and I’m learning as I go. The elwen are waiting patiently (well, most of them are) for me to get it together and show the world what they look like. Until I figure this all out, please keep stopping by to see the new things I have learned and the new pictures that I post. If you need to email me, please use Here are a few new pictures. From the top, Izzy in her snowflake cape;  Glinella – a beautiful elwen with long, flowing hair; Varian – one of the wizards; Mycell – a grey wizard; and finally, sweet Rainy

241 Izzy 1
248 Glinella 2
227 Varian 1
243 Mycell 1
Mycell the Magnificent
187 Rainy 2

Time for new beginnings

Out for a walk
Out for a walk

At the Farmer’s Market in Cooperstown NY the elwen have been complaining that I don’t spend enough time on my web page and so, starting this week, I will be updating everything. There are many new rod puppets to see and many of the puppets that appear on this site are no longer available. Things are going to change! Keep watching to see what’s new.

Above: from left to right: Cedar (hiding), Rosey, Will and Falcon.

Summer sunflower hide-a-way

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Spike and Arion fed the birds all winter. This spring, under the bird feeder, hundreds of little plants started to sprout. They decided to let them grow. This is what happened.


The elwen decided to do this every year. It’s like a forest to them!

New Hats


Happy, Pansy and Valerian wanted to show you their hats. Happy loves his green hat with the cardinal feather. He had to sit by the bird feeder for days and days waiting for the cardinal to lose a feather for his hat.

Showing hats

Pansy thought her hat went nicely with her pink dress. Valerian has a long hat made from a white lily. She waited until it was as long as it would grow before she picked it and preserved it to use. The rest of the crew wanted to say hi, too, so here they are.


All set for the Baseball Hall of Fame

See you at the Cooperstown Farmer’s Market on Sat. July 26th. Mikey
Lenni here. Ready for a game.
I’m Arrow and I can hit and pitch straight as… well, you know.

Several of the elwen have been asking me to make puppets that look like them. I’ve told them I am trying, but they are just so hard to get right. Bayberry has such a mischievous smile and his eyes sparkle all the time. That’s hard to make into a puppet.
Leaf is such a sweet little thing, with her long colorful hair and rosy cheeks. She wears her flower headdress most of the time but lately she has been wearing one big flower on her head like a hat.
So, I am making as many puppets for the Hall of Fame induction weekend as I can make, and hopefully I will see you there. I’ll be at the Farmer’s Market. Mappy, the puppet lady