Rain on the Sleeping Lion

The elwen are using the abundance of rain to fish in the pond. Since the rain has kept the pond full they are able to take their little bark boats out for rides and fish over the side with willow poles and hooks of fine wire they make in the smithy. Brokk is fond of fish stew. After catching trout, he gathers wild garlic and greens to add to the pot. He even sneaks into Mr. Tamoshay’s garden and digs young potatoes once in a while. Mr. Tamoshay thinks rabbits are digging the potatoes. We won’t tell him what is really happening. He wouldn’t believe it anyway.

The Farmer’s Market

While the puppets were being sold at the farmer’s market yesterday (May 10th), the elwen of the Sleeping Lion were also busy at their own farmer’s market. Willum and Oak built an oven out of river rocks last year. Yesterday they awoke at dawn and made fifty loaves of elwen bread, a bread made from the wild grasses and grains that grow in the meadows on the hill. Daisy made cheese from her dwarf goat; Molly had dozens of jars of honey, and the elwen band played music all day. It was a wonderful fair.

April Showers

The elwen have decided to make baseball teams. They went into Cooperstown and watched a game from the trees. Luckily, no one was seen. They wore their squirrel costumes and traveled from tree to tree all the way. Now they have the Cooperstown Elwen and the Cooperstown Sluggers teams and are busy every sunny afternoon playing ball. Nid  Scampy 2

The Elwen of Cooperstown

3/28/14    The little fellows are up to something. Spring is making them restless. Finn and TimTom hid in the woods by the edge of the road, dressed like squirrels, watching people drive by. They have been told to never go near the road, and to never, ever be seen by humans, but those two never listen.  They came back carrying feathers and branches. I wonder if they are going to try to fly again. If you see a little elwen gliding on the breeze, please let me know.

Thanks, Mappy