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Bring on the Fur

Coming to my store soon are these hairy monsters. They are actually very cute and not at all scary. These are moving-mouth puppets; easy to use by both child and adult. Rainbow is my favorite, having hair so long it swings like a flapper dress when twisting. Ralph, the blue puppet and Roberta, the pink puppet are best of buddies with Rainbow. All three would make a nice puppet show of the most goofy, happy, silly kind. They love to sing!

Roberta, Rainbow and Ralph – furry mouth puppets

Group Photo

Group photo

The elwen puppets are busy getting ready for the Christmas craft season. These are the newest to join the local community of elves and sprites in my house. With all the new puppets plus the pumpkins and squash, extra veggies and canning jars, I’m running out of space! Still, it’s always a joy to have so many cute faces watching me as I work.