Summer brings new puppets!

Mouth puppets have entered the store in a big way. They came along, one by one, first the bunnies, followed by the puppies. Then suddenly there were monkeys, chimps, dragons, unicorns, pigs, giraffes and more. Take a look at these fellas!

Sheep, giraffe and dragon hanging out together.


Chimp and monkey found a new friend, piggy, at the farm.

three puppies together

Very colorful bunnies
Such happy unicorns with a laughing chick!

As you can see, all the mouth puppets are quite happy! They are great toys for toddlers and teens alike. Even grandmas and grandpas have fun with these!

Fairy Eggs and other things

Did you know that some fairies live in egg-shaped houses? I have found a few hiding around my yard recently.  This little fairy popped

out of the green egg and I nearly dropped her. That was when I discovered that every egg had a fairy or a pixie living inside. They are just in time for Easter!

Winter brings the pixies and flower fairies

I always find that I need to get organized after the Christmas rush. My workshop was in chaos and I needed to take stock of all the bits and pieces of supplies I still had on hand. Surprise, surprise. There, under the pile of faux fur and yarn was a pixie next. The little fellas flew out and landed on a basket I had just put out.

The little guys were soon followed by a group of flower fairies.

Luckily, they are all fond of helping. We organized the flowers and embroidery floss in no time, I hope you find pixies and fairies in your house when you clean.

Fairy Houses

Every home needs a fairy house. Especially if you have noticed that you have a fairy or two wandering about your house looking for a place to live.

Often, house fairies will get into the flour bag, thinking it is filled with warm snow. They do love to scatter ‘snow’ around the shelves and counter tops, making your house look like a winter scene.

You may notice the remains left by a fairy who found the chocolate chips! Fairies love chocolate. However, they may just live in the bag of chips until the morsels are nearly gone. That can lead to a fat fairy flying around the house bumping into vases of flowers or nick-knacks, knocking them over. They like to make you blame the cat and they hide in the shelves laughing as you scold Fluffy.

They will also eat the candy from a candy dish, drop bits of fluff on a newly vacuumed rug, toss papers from pile of filing onto the floor, and splash water around sinks. Fairies with no house of their own are always playing tricks.

Of course, if things go missing, like keys or glasses, you may think it is your own forgetfulness. This is common mischief that house fairies play on their humans. You need a fairy house in your home. Find, buy  or make a little house that you place on your bookshelf or windowsill. Contented fairies seldom get into the flour, chocolate chips or candy. You may find that your keys and glasses don’t get lost as easily. The rugs stay clean longer; the water seldom splashes onto the floor. And, if, after you have provided a nice home for them, you find the mischief continues, place a second fairy house somewhere in your home. You may have more than one fairy!

Okay! Okay! I know it’s autumn…

It has been a very busy summer and I have neglected my website. I’m sorry to all of you who hoped to see all the new puppets. So here are a few new ones who are obviously enjoying the change of seasons.  They always love the bright colors of fall. Elwen tend to like to dress up for any occasion. The change of season, the change of weather, or the change of a meal! They also love to disguise themselves as part of the scenery, so autumn offers some of the most beautiful colors they use in their camouflage.

Of course, the wizards tend to like wearing their traditional outfits. That way everyone knows they are wizards. Otherwise, when they are bumbling around the village, the elwen may mistake them for librarians or shoemakers!

Even Hootie the owl has been showing off his new hairstyle.  Silly old bird.

Spring!!! Finally

The new spring puppets are all set to clean their fairy houses.

The fairy houses are just the right size for house fairies.

And then there are the new mouth puppets. So many new things are happening at the mappy oakley toy shop.

James and the Giant Peach puppets

A special order for these puppets gave me lots of fun and design challenges. Each one works from the back to be carried across the stage by puppeteers. Enjoy.

Ladybug and Grasshopper

Centipede with all his sneakers

In front is Worm. Back left to right, Ladybug, Grasshopper, Centipede and Spider.

Spider in his fluffy glory.

The Group again!

March Madness Sale!!!!

All puppets in the Etsy store are on sale for the entire month of March. $10.00 off every puppet. Now’s the time to get your birthday and holiday puppets! Use the code MarchMad2017 when purchasing for your discount.

The elwen have been planning their gardens for the coming spring.  I know several of them have been having dreams of gardens filled with flowers and veggies. It’s just around the corner. Can’t wait!

spring garden

Winter Carnival Time!

All the little elves are excited that the winter carnival is coming. They love to wear their silver and white clothes with snowflakes decorating everything.  Even Chrystal has decorated her hair with sparkles! They are going to build ice sculptures of chipmunks wearing hats and coats, and have contests with squirrels skating on the lake.  A fox-drawn sled will carry the elves around their tiny town and in the evening they are having a bonfire and hot apple cider for all. By the way, even Cooperstown is having a winter carnival for humans and the farmer’s market will be open on Sat. Jan. 28th with all sorts of fun and festive things for the carnival. Here’s some of the elves that will attend the farmer’s market that day.  Chrystal is in the front, showing off her sparkly hair.

Winter Group

Winter fires and Wonderlands

It gets dark early and the elwen are busy decorating the large hall with candles and strings of dried berries and nuts. A large tree has been pulled in through the door and all the little elwen stand and stare at it as the older elwen hang bees wax decorations, ribbons and bows all around it. The large elf is due to arrive December 24th when all the little elwen sleep. Then, Christmas morning they wake to find boxes and bags filled with treasures. Little gnome toys, dance rings of ribbons, finger puppets, rocking chipmunks (they work the same as rocking horses that humans have), fairy houses, and even candy canes fill the space beneath the tree. Oh, the joy and sparkle in each little eye! It’s going to be a wonderful Christmas this year. IMG_6513